The future of microbe testi​ng has arrived.

With traditional PCR, ELISA, and Lateral Flow testing, safety assurance comes with long turnarounds, costly inefficiencies, low visibility, and other issues that negatively impact your operations - and heighten the risk of recalls and​ outbreaks. With Alden's groundbreaking SSSA technology, you'll put those roadblocks behind you for good.

Alden delivers a robust, all-in-one platform for true end-to-end microbe testing. Our innovative biosensor assay changes the game with a new method of testing that’s fast, dependable, and the safest in the industry because no live pathogens are present (unlike legacy methods).


Results within eight hours for onsite tests, and 24 hours for offsite tests.


Chic one-step workflow, intuitive software and digital results.


Independently verified as equal to or better than PCR, with greater accessibility.


Real-time 24/7 reporting for unmatched operational agility.

The value of Alden membership

What does it mean to be an Alden member? It simply means we see you as more than a “customer.” To us, you are a part of something uniquely designed to make food, agriculture, and environmental quality and safety testing better, so our world is safer. 

As an Alden member, you will receive turnkey access to our secure, cloud-based platform, complete with a convenient mobile app. It is the industry’s first and only solution that integrates the entire microbe testing process into one platform, putting everything you need right at your fingertips. 

Onsite Point-of-Care ​Testing

Advanced Portability

Alden’s proprietary SSSA technology and platform can now come to you. Streamline operations to ensure food quality and safety at your facility or other diagnostic settings. 

Product and Environmental Testing

Laboratory-grade tests for a growing variety of pathogens including E. coli O157, as well as environmental samples. 

Improved Speed and Accuracy

Digital results in 8 hours or less. Validated by third-party evaluations, this is affordable lab-grade testing you can do in house with ease.

All-in-One Solution

Diagnostic testing made easy through an end-to-end platform with simplified workflow, intuitive software, 24/7 real-time reporting, and more.

Offsite Lab Testing

On-Demand Testing

Streamlined workflow from sample to analysis. We manage all materials and provide an online platform for seamless ordering and tracking. 

24-Hour Turnaround Time

Make important decisions quickly with our rapid time-to-result, eliminating the days-long turnarounds or rush fees typical of legacy labs.  Testing starts as soon as we receive it.

Certified, Comprehensive Testing Service

Comprehensive test menu for pathogens, mycotoxins, allergens, and indicator organisms. Place one order for all tests and enjoy an efficient flow to certified results.

Enhanced Tracking and Updates

Stay informed from sample submission to report delivery, eliminating the guesswork and delivering 24/7 real-time reporting capabilities.

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Seeing is believing, so we're offering custom microbe test trials with no risk and no obligation.

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